Animals Showing The Quarantine Life Struggle is REAL

They’re showing what we are all feeling.

We’re All Just Trying to Keep it All Together

This complete lockdown of modern society is effecting us globally. Not being able to go to go out to eat, our favorite festivals being cancelled or pushed off for a year, and most importantly, we can’t go to the bar, man.

In times like these it’s hard to really express ourselves in a way that just, really shows how we are feeling. Luckily, the animals in our lives are able to just really nail it on the head.

#1. Just, Letting it All Out, Man

Ol’ Rufus here is showing us what its all about: cracking open a few cold ones, letting it all out, and just, ya know, being comfortable, man.

#2. Trying Out Those New Looks You’ve Been Dreaming About

You’ve been wanting to try out that new hairstyle but have been waaaayy too embarrassed to give it a shot. Now is your time to shine.

#3. Running Out of Your Favorite Foods and Having to Improvise

There are only so many jars of peanut butter in the world. After its all gone, we gotta start making the tough decisions.

#4. Just Begging for All This to Be Over

We’re all feeling it. Just, let it all out.

#5. Losing Our Grasp On Reality

Do we even know what’s real anymore?


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Quarantine predicament

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#7. Depressing realities

#8. Can’t…get…out!!

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