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Birb Does Excellent R2-D2 Impression, Earns Himself Internet Fame

Birb watches Star Wars for 5 min and learns R2-D2

Bluey the budgie’s owners watched a lot of Star Wars and taught him how to make R2-D2 noises. Now he’s driving them all crazy. He has two other budgies in his cage, and he’s driving them crazy too.

Bluey was the first budgie being raised by the families seven-year old daughter who hand-raised him. According to Bluey’s parents, he has always been a very curious bird and was really intrigued by voices and the cockatoos they have in their garden even learning to copy the noise the crested pigeons make when they take off.

After playing R2D2 sounds from Youtube to him four or five times, he had the R2-D2 noises pretty much dialled. The other budgies in his cage started copying him but could only manage a few seconds at a time while Bluey would go on for ages. Bluey also loves making Star Wars lazer sounds, the R2-D2 scream sound and random kissing sounds.

R2D2 predicament…

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