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S T U C C Animals in Predicaments

When pets and animals get stuck in things.

Animals that have somehow ended up in some weird, stuck predicament are a huge hit across our socials and on the interweb. Whatever the reason that they got stuck, their hoomans thought it best to capture the moment before they came to their rescue. And we’re glad they did.

Here is a list of the most popular stuck animals from the Animals in Predicaments official Instagram. We hope they generate some smiles!

1. Someone halp him!

2. Impressive predicament

3. How they gonna get himb out?


5. Foiled again

6. Boof

7. Jaws of doom

8. Sheer panic

9. Himb really is stuck

10. This is a bad predicament :’/

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How did he even?

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11. HALP!!

12. Danger noodle got stuck in the floot

13. Birb

If your animal has been in a funny predicament and you want to share it, be sure to submit it here!

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